Starting from 2019 the Open Studio Residency Program, already managed by Fonderia Artistica Battaglia since 2016, is now assigned to the new Artistic Direction of Ilaria Marotta and Andrea Baccin, CURA.’s Directors.

Battaglia is an historical foundry active in Milan since 1913, casting bronze sculptures with the ancient technique of lost wax, for over a century. In the workshops, the artisans follow up the creation of the sculptures, from the realization of the model to the final choice of the patina.

Starting in April 2019, Battaglia moves its production in new spaces in the industrial area of Via Oslavia 17, Lambrate District. Battaglia renews its commitment in the promotion and the production of established and contemporary artists, with the exhibition program of KURA., the Battaglia Foundry Sculpture Prize, the Design Projects and its Restoration Department.

Collaboration with CURA. it is not only developed in the planning of the exhibitions for KURA. space, but also extended in the Art Direction of the Residencies, which will be set with a new studio-apartment and a new working space, and will be addressed to the main protagonists of the Italian and international art scene.

The Residency Program is addressed to Italian and international artists, interested in approaching and deepening their knowledge around bronze production, metallurgy and lost wax process in a supportive and communal atmosphere of art production, in dialogue with a centenary Foundry.

The Residency Program aims to create opportunities for artists to develop new contemporary works while engaging in a meaningful dialogue with technical professionals.

Residencies are by invitation only.

Spontaneous applications may be considered and evaluated upon the presentation of a CV, a Portfolio, a specific Project involving bronze casting, and a Letter of commitment from a Sponsor to cover any possible additional production costs not covered by residency (see below).

Along the Artists Residencies, we developed Training Residencies (one week long) addressed to international Curators interested in acquiring knowledge on metal casting and the lost wax process, with a focus on bronze.

+ Get in touch with a wide network of Curators, Artists and the other protagonists of the local and international scene
+ Acquire know-how in the bronze process
+ Learn and understand the lost wax technique
+ Develop a project with the Foundry technicians, from the project idea to the finishing of the sculpture

During the period of the Residency, artists will have the possibility to:

+ Have in a few days a first bronze sample, in order to understand the material aesthetics, technical aspects and possibilities.
+ Be offered a prototype for free (bronze casting measuring 12 x 8 x 8 cm), finished with a patina selected from 150 different colours.
+ Eventually activate a production with the support of a Sponsor and then exhibit their work as part of the Open Studio Exhibition Program curated by CURA., in parallel with the exhibition program of KURA., taking advantage of its network of communication and promotion.
+ Follow up the initial production with an order of at least three copies: in this case Battaglia will offer for free the artist’s proof of the work.

During the Residency, the invited artist will be welcomed in a dedicated apartment of 25 MQ. Residents will live in two private furnished bedrooms with shared kitchen and bathroom. Artists will be responsible for their own meals. The Apartment is located in the Lambrate District, which is well connected to the center of Milan (15 minutes) and to the cities near Milan with the railway. The nearest metro and railway station is located 15 minutes walk from the Foundry, and the nearest tram stop is 10 minutes walk away. 

Artists in Residence will have the opportunity to use a Studio and to be able to access the KURA. space any time.


A Tutor, part of the curatorial team of CURA. will join the Artist for the entire duration of her/his stay, accompanying her/him through all the stages of the Residency, from the design to the production steps, alongside the Battaglia’s Team

There are 3-5 Residency every year, lasting one month each, happening in the following months:

The Open Studio Residency Program will start in March 2019.

◊ Not-included costs 

+ Production costs of the bronze sculpture that the Artist can decide to cast during the Residency, which must be covered by an external Sponsor, or by the Artist’s Gallery, on the basis of a project proposal and a quote.
+ Travel expenses.

For further information, please contact: